Simcoe Ling - Burbot

Wil Wegman
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Monday, 11 December 2017
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Hey Wil,

My question is  if I wanted to target ling as I know there's a good population in the lake where would I target them deep or shallow water.  Morning or evening and would I use a loud bait to call them in or is live bait better. I know there is record fish in that lake and would love to catch one. With the countless other anglers.



Great Question John!

You will probably get some even better insight from Sebastien Roy when he speaks about his pending record burbot at the Ice Expo Dec 16 and 17. However … from my experience … finding mid lake, spawning areas on Simcoe (late Jan/early Feb) is a game changer – and using spoons, plastic minnows and even live baitfish will get you bit.

For northern Ontario lakes )those that hold lakers, usually hold burbot) where burbot are smaller but much more plentiful, fishing off ledges of rocky points at dusk, or shoals … is a sure fire ticket to some burbot action… with the same baits mentioned above.   I haven’t really used rattling baits to try and bring them in like I have for lakers … but you never know it could easily be a great way to call them in!

Let me know if you do indeed plan to come to the Expo and I’ll have your name added to the list for 2 free tickets – waiting for you at the ticket counter of the Molson Centre- front entrance.


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