Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters

Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters

Book Release by Local Author: Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters.
Windsor - Dr. Lynda D. Corkum, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Windsor, has just completed her new book titled Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters.

This book is a comprehensive field guide that targets our local area, however, it is much more than a typical field guide. It is stocked full of many additional features. It has over 490 pages and includes the following highlights:

Over 350 sketches, drawings, illustrations and colour photographs of fishes
Species accounts and identification keys for 102 fishes in 25 families
Descriptions of Lake St. Clair, The Detroit River and western basin of Lake Erie
Drawings of local rivers by well-known artist Mary Celestino
Accounts of historical fish hatcheries and the new research hatchery in LaSalle, Ontario
Descriptions of how to make fish decoys by carvers, Don Preston and Marcel Meloche
Ice fishing tips
Fish distribution lists for Essex County rivers, Lake St. Clair, The Detroit River, western basin of Lake Erie, Pelee Island, and Point Pelee National Park.
Information and photos on fish species at risk and non-native fishes

As stated in Eric Sharp's book review in the Detroit Free Press: "Fishes of Essex County and Surrounding Waters does for local fish what Peterson and Audubon field guides do for birds"

This book is meant to be taken along on your next fishing expedition, to be used as a reference guide of our local waterways, to provide information on species at risk and to promote our natural heritage. It even has a recipe for Burbot.
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Dr. Lynda D. Corkum is a past President of the International Association for Great Lakes Research. She is generously donating all of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the Essex County Field Naturalists' Club of which she is a Life-Time member.

For more information about the book, the author and details of Dr. Corkum's speaking engagements, please contact;
Teresa Austrin Telephone: 519-322-0004
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Hello Anglers

The Fishes of Essex County is an incredible, full color fish identification guide. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Although it focuses on south-western Ontario waters like Lake St Clair and Erie it also covers their watersheds throughout the County. What this means is there aren’t many fish that anglers will see in Ontario that are also not covered in this book.

There is a lot more to Fishes of Essex County however than just a handy field guide to ID fish. I helped the author  Dr Lynda Corkum put together the ice fishing section and the book has a remarkable amount of other fishing-related information that will appeal to most anglers. I am sure it will be a welcome addition to your fishing book collection.


Wil Wegman