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Tam Stevenson
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Monday, 06 June 2011
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Tuesday, 07 June 2011
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Wil, this is my third year fishing and I still can't find someone to help me learn some fishing skills. I live in Sutton and we have a small dam and the Black River that runs into Lake Simcoe. It was beautiful fishing at the dam and I would love to go back. Is there any fish that are usually just below the dam? I also go to Mossington park just where the Lake Simcoe shore begins.

Same question Wil. I have caught some pan fish there and I'm happy with that. What else should I try in June? I forgot to mention that I fish from shore. I don't mind not catching fish most of the time, but I would like to catch something. I find these fishing areas to be very hard to get to. I need a kidney and panc! reas transplant, so some days I'm not really strong to climb the hills. I've gone to Bonnie boats dock, but it is always so crowded. I just about got a hook in my face last week.

Any help will be appreciated.
Tam Stevenson


 Hi Tam - A lot of the fish that use the Black come in the spring to spawn and then they move out.   Some resident populations of panfish - like your sunfish, rock bass yellow perch and brown bullhead may stay for at least the three open water seasons. The odd largemouth or pike may stay as well.  Of course big carp and bowfin could too.

Tam ... you would think that with a lake 725 square kilometres in size, and one close to the most population region in the country (and therefore more anglers than anywhere else) that there would be all kinds of public shore fishing areas.  Unfortunately, this is simply not the case ... areas are at a premium- and that’s why you see the congestion and inevitable little issue crop up at existing areas.  Have you tried Jackson’s Point itself in behind Bonnie Boats? There’s some space there.  I would strongly recommend you try some of the busier places real early in the morning – not just to avoid crowds- but to increase your odds. 

 Tam ... if you check out the recent edition of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine, I just completed an article on shore fishing the lake.  If you can’t find a hard copy of the summer issue at a local shop (it’s free at the Home Hardware and the general Store in Sutton) then you can see it on line at

 Hope this helps and tight lines Tam,

 Wil Wegman


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