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Wil Wegman
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Wil Wegman

September Off On Vacation = Bass Fishing Almost Every Day!

For the last couple of years I have been fortunate to be able to take a month-long vacation in September. Although I love fishin’ all four seasons, this particular month is one I think I like best.  The bass are usually biting big time to fatten up for the winter; weather is typically still beautiful, and the crowds are gone from the waterways I love to fish and the roads to get there!

Catching a Six Pound Deep Water Largemouth

Great Way To Start The Finest Month For Deepwater Largemouth

Saturday of the Labor Day Long wknd is usually far too busy for me on Lake Simcoe, but I hadn't fished largies on my home lake for almost a month so I needed my fix bad. I got an early start and watched the sun peer over the eastern horizon from my Simcoe County vantage point on the west side. I anxiously headed straight for my number one largemouth waypoint. Upon arrival, I tossed my marker and then threw my trusty Rapala Skitter Walk which has accounted for so many big bass on similar early morning excursions. Forty minutes later as the sun brightened and still no fish, I switched rods and picked up another old reliable, a fire tiger colored Rapala DT 16.  Cranking in about 15 feet, I finally landed a 2 pounder and a couple of shorts but before I knew it, another 40 minutes went by without a sniff.

Wil Wegman

Wegman prepares to “Swim With The Fishes” again August 6th 2016

Wil's Cross-Lake Couchiching Swim To Raise Funds for Child Advocacy Centre (CAS)

Enjoying an Affordable Florida Family Vacation Despite the Poor Canadian Dollar

A couple of weeks before the 2016 March Break, my brother Marcel aka “Red’, his 21 year old son Josh, my son Tyler (30), my other son Izaak (28) and myself were sitting around at a family function discussing  how nice it would be to get down to Florida.  For the last several years we have spoken about a trip to Dunedin to watch some of the Blue Jay Spring Training games but with the Canadian dollar hovering near $1.35 US we didn’t think it was in the cards for this year. Until this: “What about if we drove down in our new car instead of flying?” Josh asked? “And we could camp instead of staying at a hotel!” he added. Then Izaak chipped in … “If we cooked our own meals instead of eating out – we’d save even more”.   “Hmm… and gas prices are even cheaper in the US than they are here … so that could reduce our costs even more,”  said Red - adding … “And Wil, you can make us a whole bunch of buns with cold meats and munchies for our drive, so we wouldn’t have to waste time or extra money stopping to eat either!”

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Corporate Fishing Events

Is your company looking for something different to thank employees for all their hard work?  Are the typical golf outings or golf tournaments growing a little old? Are you and they ready for something new and exciting? Then why not consider a corporate fishing event, with Wil Wegman as your host and key organizer. More Info