2010 Bill Bond Memorial Award

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Sutton Ontario: At the pre-tournament meeting for the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC) (Feb 20, 21, 2010) 160 anglers gathered to hear the rules for the big event.

They also witnessed the presentation of the 2010 Bill Bond Memorial Award - which was presented to Peter Waring, supervisor of the Lake Simcoe Team for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

The Bill Bond Memorial Award is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to conserving and promoting the fishery of Lake Simcoe.

Peter Waring of Sutton Ontario has always felt close ties with the 725 square kilometre body of water in his front yard. As a kid he grew up playing and fishing in the big lake and developed a bond with ‘her' that evolved into a full time career with the Ministry of Natural Resources. He began working for MNR's Lake Simcoe Fisheries Assessment Unit (LSFAU) in 1980 and stayed until the mid 1980's (as Unit Supervisor).

At the LSFAU he was a hands-on kind of guy and was actively involved in fisheries monitoring and research programs out on the lake. Some of his work involved interviewing anglers and sampling fish during winter and summer creel surveys. He collected Lake Trout and Whitefish eggs and sampled fish during the fall index trap netting program.  There was plenty of new and interesting work done by Peter and his staff that established some base line data that is still used today.

Peter has always encouraged programs to get kids hooked on fishing and supported the Bloorview Kids Fishing Day each year by having the LSFAU net fish and deposit them into a netted off area at Jackson's Pt Government dock each year.  The early 1980's were also a time of constraint and Peter worked hard to find other money through government programs. Somehow he managed to have over 15 contract staff working at the LSFAU still monitoring the fisheries of Lake Simcoe during a time when most government offices were suffering.

Some of the reports that Peter put together or co-authored while he was with the LSFAU include:

  • "Changes in the multispecies, winter angling fishery of Lake Simcoe, 1961-1983: invasion by rainbow smelt, and the roles of intra- and inter-specific interactions"
  • "Fall trapnetting on the spawning grounds of lake trout and lake whitefish in Lake Simcoe, 1985-1988."
  • "Dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles at two Lake Simcoe limnological stations, 1981-1983."
  • "Preliminary stocking model for yearling whitefish introductions, Lake Simcoe."

Most recently Peter was instrumental in helping to develop the Lake Simcoe Protection Act and Plan. Enshrined in legislation there is now a plan to protect the lake and it's fisheries for future generations. Peter put together and is now the supervisor of the Lake Simcoe Team of MNR staff who are working hard with other government agencies to implement the plan.

Peter also co-chairs the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee - a group of dedicated stakeholders from around the lake who meet monthly. (Their mandate is to make fishery-related recommendations to MNR.) Ever mindful of anglers and the important contribution they make to the lake … Peter is making sure that in every facet of his work their interests are recognized and taken into account.

Peter has never lost sight of how important the Lake Simcoe fishery resource is. He continues to fish her waters and hunt in her watershed. Needless to say, throughout his 30 plus year career with MNR, he has always been a strong advocate and ally for the lake …

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Whether he is pushing for improvements to the fishery among his colleagues at MNR and other government agencies or working with anglers who want to make a difference … you can rest assured that Peter Waring cares deeply about this big body of water and the anglers who fish it.

Former Recipients of the Bill Bond Memorial Award:
2010 - Peter Waring
2009 - Paul Nichols
2008 - Dave Haynes
2007 - Joe Montgomery
2006 - Ken Hackenbrook
2005 - Delaine Bond
2004 - Wil Wegman
2003 - John Power
2002 - Charlie Johnston
2001 -Mike Burrows
2000 - Cliff Perry
1999 - John Reddings
1998 - Teddy Pedersen
1997 - Bob Johnston
1996 - Jack Simpson


Peter Waring (centre) from Sutton holds the 2010 Bill Bond Memorial Award trophy.
He is flanked by CIFC anglers (and former recipients of the same award) 87 year old
Joe Montgomery (left) from Niagara and Wil Wegman from Bradford ON.
Photo By: Tegan Leach

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