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Friday, 31 March 2017
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Friday, 31 March 2017
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Hi Will,

I just started reading your articles and greatly appreciate your writing and information. I just bought a cottage on SML and will be targeting the bass for sure (catch and release of course) but I was wondering about the Musky population. I read somewhere that there was a Ministry stocking program in the 50s and 60s. My question is, Is it worth targeting them? And if so where (I assume main basin at deeper depths??). Thanks, Rene=


Hi Rene,
Not sure what lake you are referring to with SML?
I'll be happy to provide whatever details I can when I hear back from you.


Hi Wil,

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so cryptic. By SML I meant Six Mile Lake. I read your blog on bass fishing on that lake (several times!) and found it very informative. My cottage is in Crooked Bay which looks to have a lot of structure so I am looking forward to that.  But I am also a Musky fisherman and I hope the population in the lake is healthy enough to actually target. I don't want to have to drop down to Gloucester Pool every time I want to catch a 'lunge! Thanks in advance, Rene

Rene Vandenboom Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Brock University
St. Catharines ON CANADA

Hi Rene,

Oh ... ok of course, your question is about Six Mile Lake ... I should have figured that J
So muskie might be a tough bite on SML as I don’t believe that the lake has a strong population.  I think I’ve caught one there in my life- but admittedly that was while bass fishing and I really haven’t focussed my efforts or techniques on much more than bass in this lake.
I’m not certain SML to what extent MNR stocked muskie here during the 50’s and 60’s but there would be no doubt these fish would have come from the former Deer Lake Hatchery – that specialized in muskie, and were distributed quite widely for stocking.  The problem … looking back all these years later, was that those muskie were of Kawartha stock – one we recognize now as not being very compatible with northern pike. When resident or newly introduced pike take hold- this strain of muskie just cannot co-exist. The Canal and more recently Balsam Lake examples illustrate formerly good muskie fisheries that were almost completely lost once pike entered and became fully established.  It’s for this reason, that we stock Georgian bay strain muskie (eggs taken from parents of Gloucester pool fish every spring) for the Lake Simcoe Muskie Restoration Program. Those GB strain are stocked in Lake Simcoe every fall. (Back in the early years Simcoe also received deer Lake – Kawartha strain muskie- which may have contributed to the lake’s overall decline in muskie.)

So, with pike being native to Six Mile, I wouldn’t think any remnant stocking efforts from those years would be worth targeting and I really haven’t heard too much scuttlebutt about anglers specifically targeting or catching more than the occasional muskie at all.

Having said that Rene … we know (from all our trap netting efforts with my day job) that a viable population of muskie exists in G Pool – but it is only very seldom that we hear of angler-catches  from this waterbody. So … my suggestion is try targeting them specifically- with the proper lures and techniques and see what happens!

Hope this helps and tight lines on beautiful Six Mile Lake!