Simcoe Smallies

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018
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Hi Wil,

My Dad is up from the States and I was hoping to get him on to some Simcoe Smallmouth tomorrow.  Any tips on where to find them right now? I live in Whitby, so the Beaverton area is where I normally launch, but can go anywhere.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Troy,

Thanks for your question about fishing smallmouth bass in Simcoe. You could do worse than launching out of Beaverton tomorrow. That area has some great smallmouth opportunities beginning with Thorah Island and several of the shoals between that Island and south to Georgina. There’s also shoals on the north side of the island and of course White’s shoal to the northwest.  Smallies right now are still in transition so you may still find some shallow near the top around 5-15’ while others have made the move to the 20-30’ ledges. Most are feeding on gobies so standard green tubes, drop shot or swim baits should produce. Cruising around looking for bait and fish with your electronics can be critical to success.

Hope this helps.

Looks like a beautiful day tomorrow and hope you and your dad have a quality bass fishing experience out there!

Tight Lines!


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