Deep water lake trout on Simcoe

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012
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Wei: Hi Wil. How are you doing? This Aug and Sep I fished in Simcoe a couple of times. I may be more familer with this lake. I caught smallie every outing. I am still learning it though. I still couldn't catch over 6 pd this year.

Wil Wegman: Glad to hear it Wei and that 6 pound smallie will come your way eventually. Despite the fact that Simcoe produces many of them in the fall when they are all fattened up, for the rest of the year this true giants can still be elusive and should be cherished , caught and released when we finally do get one.

Wei: Which part is better for smallie, east or west side of lake Simcoe? I mainly fish on east side (Georigia and Thorah Island). How about innisfil side and Fox Island? I believe there are alot of good spots too over there. Tough to say ... but for most of the year, my nod would go towards that east side that you are fishing

Wei: Another Quesstion. This year I start to use downrigger on great lake. I plan to use it for deep water lake trout on Simcoe. 

Wil Wegman: Good stuff ... downriggers are typically used for lakers a couple of weeks after the opener (2nd Sat in May) until the season closes (Sept 30).

Wei: How deep of water should I go before end of season?

Wil Wegman: As September draws to a close, these fish (along with whities) will gravitate towards their spawning shoals. They can still be deep but look for them near these main lake shoals and watch your sonar carefully for suspended baitfish and bigger marks.  

Wei: Probably kemp bay over 100 fow (?) big bay point? Johnson Bay?

Wil Wegman: Although lakers can be caught that deep in summer ... I think you can go much shallower thru September.   Near end of September on occasion I have caught lake trout right on top of a shoal casting spinnerbaits for smallmouth! This is not usually the case- but reminds us that trout will be near those shoals ... and will strike your usual spoons and even body style baits like the Rapala floating minnows- which can be used with a downrigger set-up.


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