Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:39

Issue 1, #1

Although we all need an occasional weekend of kicking back and just relaxing with friends or family ... for me it’s those action packed ones that get my juices flowing and are the most memorable. For those who know me, action packed fishing is tough to beat and fishing excursions occupy their fair share of the limited memory space allotted within what little brain matter I have left  ... But every once in awhile, there’s an exception. Take this past weekend for instance ... April 28 and 29 2012.

There was a time in my life when the 4th Saturday in April would mean only one thing ... “Opening of speckled trout season” and lots of fishing for me. For the last ten years however I haven’t made a cast on this day and yet it has meant something even more gratifying.  Fortunately for my sanity ... it still involves brook trout  but instead of me fishing for them it see’s young participants of the annual Huck Finn Kids Fishing Day event do all the fishing.  This past Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of the popular event – and it was great!   

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