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Fishing around the GTA

By WIL WEGMAN, Special to QMI Agency

Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes and countless miles of rivers and streams for anglers to fish. The vast majority of “great places to fish” are in the northern part of our province but did you know that there are a variety of great fishing opportunities within a couple of hours drive of Toronto and even within city limits?

2010 Urban Fishing Festivals

By WIL WEGMAN, Special to QMI Agency

This year the Urban Fishing Festival Program celebrates its 25th Anniversary.The public is invited to attend all Urban Fishing Festivals at no charge.

Are you ready to fish a tournament?

By WIL WEGMAN, Special to QMI Agency

So, you’ve caught a few fish and although you’re still relatively new at this activity you’re interested in the competitive side of the sport. For many Canadians, a fishing tournament is that next level of progression as an angler — and it soon becomes so exhilarating one wonders why more anglers don’t fish in organized competitive fishing events.

Bass tournaments most popular in Ontario

By WIL WEGMAN, Special to QMI Agency

Bass tournaments are the most popular among Ontario’s anglers according to an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Report that surveyed 1,039 competitive fishing events in 2008. There were 481 bass tournaments and the next closest was walleye with 137.

Switching from the real thing

By WIL WEGMAN, Special to QMI Agency

Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park, Northern Ontario, 1970: “What, you forgot the minnows ... And we don’t have any worms left? We may as well go back to camp right now before we even make a cast!” These were the words of my dad, an avid angler, devoted father and the person who was responsible for introducing me to my lifelong love affair with all that is fishing.