Tips for Rice Lake Walleye

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Sunday, 09 May 2010
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Sunday, 09 May 2010
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Hey Wil I’m a friend of Kris. I met you at the ice fishing seminar you gave at his store on Jane St a couple of years back. Anyways I was just wondering if you could pass on some walleye tips for Rice Lake? I am headed there next weekend for walleye and am curious what you suggest we use?
From Damian - of Toronto, Ontario


Hi Damian,
Of all the Kawartha Lakes ... Rice is perhaps the one that has best sustained its walleye population. While several of these lakes seem to be hurtin’ for walleye numbers – Rice for some reason keeps producing. Hopefully a strong catch and release/selective harvest ethic combined with new fishing regulations will keep it that way for a long, long time.

Anyway – with the coldest weather we’ve had since winter – this current May weekend walleye opener is likely a bust for thousands of avid southern Ontario anglers. It’s gonna be a busy place on Rice next weekend (May 15 & 16th) because decent weather is expected, so my best recommendation Damian is to get there early!  In fact – if you’re serious about getting bit, be prepared to launch in the dark – well ahead of the others and on your prime spot before the sun comes up!  This will not only give you first crack at some big Eyes – but also play into the most productive low light period for these fish.

Early on you may want to troll a floating Rapala, Husky Jerk or Shad Rap next to the closest weed line or break you can find near your favorite area.  With the cold weather and water, weeds are slow in coming but so far this spring I have been impressed with the weedgrowth that has survived the winter.  I suspect this is due to little snowfall we had – which has allowed more light penetration for those weeds – hence more have overwintered.

If you don’t get bit with the plugs, then switch to jigs – tipped either with live bait or with some of the new minnow baits like the ones by Trigger X.  Also- if those breaks don’t produce – try looking for those remaining patches of green weedgrowth that overwintered.   By this time the sun will be up and you’ll be able to see them and toss your jigs amongst them. Ripping those jigs thru the weeds can trigger good walleye bites and might just help you feast on some tasty walleye fillets later that day.

Have a great time on Rice Damian and please let us know how you make out.



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