What’s your best defence to combat cold feet while ice fishing?

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Thursday, 06 January 2011
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What’s your best defence to combat cold feet while ice fishing?
I have the Kamuk rubber boot with the liner. I use a pollyproplene sock then a thick wool over top. They still get a bit cold so do you have any suggestions besides just to move around more?


Another great question and topic John.  Ice fishing is no fun when you have cold anything ... and feet are especially troublesome because they are just so much more difficult to warm up once cold ... than your hands, face etc.  Those Kamuk boots with the liners are very good.  Taking your liners out when finished at end of day to thoroughly dry is important ... dampness or any moisture that can get cold ... will. Therefore your choice of polypropylene socks is good too - because they wick away moisture – and of course it’s tough to beat the warmth of wool.

So ... where could the problem be?  One thing is to make certain your boots are sufficiently large enough – you have to be able to easily move your toes around. If there is plenty of room in those boots, experiment with an additional pair of socks over the first pair.   Those straight poly ones are good at what they are meant to do ... ie wick away moisture, but have little insulating value. So try a thin wool/poly or other fancy material mix. 

Also, I like to add an additional wool insole within the boot.  This keeps my feet that much further from the freezing cold ice below.  With these extra layers/items in your boot ... you may actually need a size larger than you would for shoes.

Another trick – is to stand on something that keeps your feet clear of the ice.  I’ll be trying the new HT Kneeling pad for this in 2011.  

Finally ... if I know it’s gonna be a cold one out there and I will be out in the open all day ... I’ll give in and add a toasty pair of HT toe warmers.  They’re a special treat for your cold feet ... and they’re really neat!   

Hope that helps John,