Rod Holder For Fish Trap

John Walker
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Sunday, 05 December 2010
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Hi Wil,

Seeing as you answered all my past questions right on the money here’s another one. Have you seen or heard of any type of rod holder I could use for my fish trap? I would like to put it on the right side of my seat... something I could permently mount into the sled with some kind of spring loaded clamp that would hold my rod in place level and wouldn’t fall down. Any suggestions would be great and thanks for the responses.



Hi John ... Hmm ... I’m trying to think if there is such a rod holder on the market but I can’t think of one used for portable ice huts.  I use the two portable rod holder units that HT makes – and the one that slides over a five gallon pail might be one you could retrofit to bolt down permanently.  You might also want to have a look at some of the smaller rod holder units that Berkley has out which typically mount inside of a boat.   One of those might actually work well in a hut.
Hope this helps a little anyway ... I have a nice HT portable hut but still spend 99% of my ice fishing in the open air, regardless of how cold it is ... so I don’t have much 1st hand experience with ‘indoor rod holders’


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