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Sunday, 09 May 2010
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Sunday, 09 May 2010
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Question: Hey Wil I noticed on your posting about stocking Newmarkets Fairy Lake....is there a season for pike fishing on Fairy Lake that I can let my kids try?
Thanks Greg

Answer: Yes ... the regular pike season for FMZ 16 (where Fairy Lake lies) began on Sat May 8th.   The only species that is not open now that resides in Fairy Lake is largemouth bass. I’ve never heard of smallmouth caught there but they too remain closed until the 4th Saturday in June. If you are taking your kids to fairy lake you have plenty of shore fishing opportunities all along Wesley Brooks Park. My advice would be to try and cast near the Fountain – for pike ... and be sure to target them with pike specific baits and lures.  This means not using earthworms – as seldom do pike prefer them over other live bait.  Artificial lures like spinnerbaits or Rapala Husky Jerks might be your best bet for pike there.  Keep in mind that compared to other fish in this system, pike are still relatively scarce ... so if you’re kids aren’t prepared to get skunked it might be worthwhile to come prepared with some worms or small grubs for the plentiful panfish there.  Another option could be some corn ... for the dominant carp at fairy lake.

Hope this helps Greg and hope your kids have fun at Fairy Lake.



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