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John Walker
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Sunday, 31 October 2010
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Hi Wil,

Just finished reading your article on Simcoe's awesome whitefish in the 2010-2011 Infisherman magazine and you said you use floro-carbon line. Do you spool your whole bail with floro or a portion. What lb test do you use for max results. Always enjoy reading your articles in any magazine have you tried the buckshot rattle with a genson egg deadly .

Thanks and any ice fishing seminars in the works in the future.



Hi John,

Hope all is going well ... I haven't seen that article yet.  I don't think it's one I submitted though ... perhaps one by my friend Gord Pyzer who interviewed me and got some quotes?

Good question about Floro and whether I use a whole bail full.   The answer is typically NO.  Floro,  is usually a fair bit more expensive so I like to have a straight mono backing – sometimes as much as ½ the reel for ice fishing (a little less for open water).  I then tie the floro to the mono and fill the spool to 1/8 of an inch of the outer edge.

Thanks for the tip about the rattle and the egg.  Haven’t tried that specifically.   What I have tried that works well though is a spoon like a Jig A Whopper Hawger Rattle Spoon or the Chatter Spoon by HT Enterprises and tip those with a fake egg of some kind.

Yes, I will be hosting TWO ice Fishing Seminars in December.  One on Dec  8 out St Catharines way, and the other Dec 11th at Radio World in Toronto.  

Hope that helps John,



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