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So the other day I decided to hold off fishing Lake Simcoe's Cooks Bay until later in the afternoon.  I wanted to see if the deepwater largemouth bite was better later in the day - because so far this September, it's been non existant.  As I turned off Hwy 11 at Churchill, I saw a man walking along the road, who quickly decided to stick out his thumb when he saw me and my boat.  Why, after at least 20 years of sadly passing by hitchikers, I instinctively pulled off the paved road onto the gravelly shoulder is beyond me.  We've all become far more atune to the high risks of both hitchiking and picking up random hitchikers, but I did both quite frequently in my younger days- with a couple of fond memories to show for it.  Maybe i stopped this time because he looked so determined to get somewhere and I felt that hitchiking was not his regular means of travel. Perhpas it was simply I was tired of not trusting my gut instincts ... who the heck knows the real reason why,  but I unlocked the passenger side door and he gingerly climbed in.


The 2017 Sun City Swim in Orillia and my fundraising campaign "Wil Swims With the Fishes" is now complete and both were another great success thanks to so many volunteers,swimmers and supporters. All proceeds raised by the swimmers went directly to the  Child Advocay Centre of Simcoe/Muskoka to help them take care of abused kids. I'd especially like to thank those who contributed to my swim ... helping me raise $1,695 for the centre - more than any other swimmer. That distinction earned me a beautiful handcrafted Muskoka Chair.


With only 7 hours available to celebrate with rod and reel on Canada’s 145thBirthday, we headed across the lake not sure where we would begin to fish. With a lake the size of Simcoe, there are just so many options, yet so little time to try them.   My long-time friend and fellow Aurora Bassmaster Brian Ogden and I spent the first hour looking and casting ... casting and looking for the big beautiful smallmouth that we knew cruised the shallow flats.  Finally as we neared the point Brian hooked up. “There he is ... whoa,” as the three pounder cleared the air by at least three feet.

It didn’t take long before we both got into them and smallmouth after smallmouth cooperated nicely.  Although we tried several rigs, there was no doubt the drop shot out shone all others. There were several plastic baits that produced but the Strike Zone Slammers definitely had the fish’s attention that day. After we went thru the areas several times though, without hits, I switched to a short 4 inch Trigger X Flutter Worm in the baby bass color to nab a few more.

Productive Pattern ... details, details:


Issue 2, #2

Pike Fishing Lake Simcoe, June 10: It’s been a few years since I have taken a pike home to eat, so today my son Izaak and I decided we would have one for dinner that evening. Northern pike from Lake Simcoe and most other waters can be delicious – especially when those waters are still relatively cool. With air temperatures souring near the 30 Degree Celsius mark, it should have come as no surprise that water temps were also quite warm ... pushing 68 Fahrenheit when we got off the water around 1pm.


Issue 1, #1

Although we all need an occasional weekend of kicking back and just relaxing with friends or family ... for me it’s those action packed ones that get my juices flowing and are the most memorable. For those who know me, action packed fishing is tough to beat and fishing excursions occupy their fair share of the limited memory space allotted within what little brain matter I have left  ... But every once in awhile, there’s an exception. Take this past weekend for instance ... April 28 and 29 2012.

There was a time in my life when the 4th Saturday in April would mean only one thing ... “Opening of speckled trout season” and lots of fishing for me. For the last ten years however I haven’t made a cast on this day and yet it has meant something even more gratifying.  Fortunately for my sanity ... it still involves brook trout  but instead of me fishing for them it see’s young participants of the annual Huck Finn Kids Fishing Day event do all the fishing.  This past Saturday marked the 10th anniversary of the popular event – and it was great!