The Bac Rac

Bac Rac

Every once in awhile I am fortunate enough to field test new products that most anglers have not had a chance to try yet. In this feature, I'll write about how the ones that passed the test performed while in the boat or on the ice.

The Bac Rac is a fishing rod storage system designed for those who fish from the back of the boat.  When the owner of the company - Will Hesch of California asked if I would like to be one of the first Canadians to try his new product, I jumped at the chance.  I thought it would be perfect for the non-boaters in our bass club.  It holds four rods across the rear deck securely and can be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily without fasteners or tools.

Bac rac

Invariably rods become tangled when they are stashed beside the co-angler, but really there hasn't been anywhere else to put them until now.  The first time I was able to field test this product was during an early June fishing trip to Lake Oneida in New York (see related story here).  We put the Bac Rac through a rugged test for several days on this famed bass fishery. We were impressed right away how simple it was to install - open the rear deck compartment (where batteries etc are kept), slide one rac under the lid on the starboard side, the other under port side, then just close the lid. The rods are placed in padded holders (so there's no damage to them) and a convenient tie strap on each side secures them firmly in place. 

While in New York, we thought perhaps the rods might be easy to trip over or worse get stepped on - but they are actually so far back towards the outboard, that you intuitively stay far enough away from that rear portion of the boat anyway. Likewise although it all seemed secure, the first time we drove off - we couldn't help but look back several times to make sure all was still in place. Even when we had the boat going over 70MPH, the Bac Rac held tight and no rods were lost or even came a little loose.

Bac rac

Back home, my non-boaters began using the Back Rac in our Aurora Bassmaster Club tournaments.   During the Junior Bassmaster Tournament on Gloucester Pool- when I had two Junior's with all their tackle in my boat - plus myself ... the Bac Rac was a real blessing. So far all who have used it have been quite impressed.

Many non-boaters carry the Bac Rac from boat to boat and even if they do bring more rods some have stacked as many as eight in the holders.  I know many non-boaters who routinely carry more than four rods and my recommendation is to keep the four rods they use most in the Back Rac and have any others in the traditional spot beside your seat.

The Bac Rac is in my view an excellent rod management system that prices out at less than one decent quality rod. Some boaters may opt to carry one on board regularly but for those without a boat who often fish from the back I don't think you'll be disappointed with this product.  It fits onto the back of most bass boats with the exception of the odd one like the Skeeter SX 180.    

Bac rac

The Bac Rac comes in a heavy duty nylon backpack and weighs just over a pound. It is constructed of powder coated aircraft-grade aluminum and EVA foam. The Bac Rac can be ordered through Central Coast Bass Fishing at:

New Special Offer May 2014:

For a limited time, the Bac Rac will be available to Ontario BASS Nation members at a 10% shipping. Just mention you read about this product in Wil Wegman's Focas On Fishing site and supply your club number (found on your Federation Nation member card). There are now two versions of Bac Rac - the original  4 rod model that I still use as seen in this article and now a 5 rod model. This 5 rod model fits the newer bass boats perfectly and is getting rave reviews by those who spent a few extra dollars for it.

Bac rac

Bac Rac Update, Sept 2011,


Just wanted to share this with you.

I was in contact today with Will Hesch of Bac Rac inquiring about the product. I mentioned the article you wrote about in Focus on Fishing and he said he would still honor the 10% discount.

He was very helpful and responded to my email inquiry within 5 mins of sending it.

Needless to say I have ordered one. It’s a great product and am thankful I had the opportunity to try it out when I fished with you.

He also is throwing in some of his Mend-it soft plastics to try out.

Hey on top of it all he is going to ship it all out today. Perfect

Great customer service on his part and if his business runs this way he should run a course instructing others as to what customer service is about.

David Meadows, Aurora Bassmasters Vice President

Wil Wegman