Muskies Canada Announces New Hall of Fame Members

Muskies Canada

For Immediate Release: March 29, 2010

The Muskie Canada Hall of Fame honours individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to science, media, club development and promotion. Induction to the Hall of Fame is Muskie Canada`s most prestigious award and the organization is pleased to announce six new members who were recently inducted.

With the addition of the following six individuals there are now a total of 16 within the Muskie

Canada Hall of Fame:

Christine Finter, Schomberg ON

Christine FinterManagement and administration of club operations such as finance and outreach activities is critical to create the necessary foundation for club success. Christine has provided the club with continuous financial watchdog and treasury services support over many years as both a national and chapter level director. She has performed exemplary work over the past 17 years organizing and running youth and family fishing events, annual outings and the Muskies Canada booths at fishing shows. Christine is a dedicated muskie angler and member of the Toronto chapter.

Angelo DiDomizio, Port Hope ON

Angelo DiDomizioAngelo has actively participated in club activities for over 30 years. He is known as the "member`s member" and has always attended meetings and been involved with club projects across eastern Canada. Angelo has held numerous executive positions with a variety of chapters. He was an early champion of Catch and Release, a strong proponent of family fishing events, and his overall dedication to the sport and organization has been exemplary. He is currently one of the leaders of the Kawartha Lakes Pike Invasion project and member of the Kawartha Lakes chapter.

Maurice Martin, Montreal QC

Maurice Martin, Montreal QCMaurice was a co-founder of the Montreal Chapter and has long been a well known Catch and Release voice to muskie fishermen in the Province of Quebec. For the past 17 years he has helped build the profile of the chapter and provided long-standing service by holding positions from chapter chairman to events coordinator. An all round "bon vivant" fishing personality, Maurice has organized and been master of ceremonies at innumerable events and outings and is a member of the Montreal chapter.

Dave ("Mr B") Boxall, Bradford ON

Dave (Mr B has stepped up many times to contribute directly to the resource that he loves - the muskie. He has been the long term Muskies Canada lead on the Lake Simcoe Muskellunge Restoration Project, serving as project coordinator and working with the MNR and Sir Sanford Fleming College to help establish this renowned reintroduction program. Dave has proven to have exceptional fund raising skills for this and other Muskies Canada projects. His passionate speeches about muskie conservation have become his trademark at various functions. Mr B is currently a director of the Toronto chapter.

Jim Hutchings, Gananoque, ON

Jim HutchingsJim is best known for his balanced approach to muskie fishing and muskie science. He is a committed muskie angler with live releases up to 60 inches and has logged extensive hours dedicated to conserving these fisheries. He has held many national executive positions ‐ from chapter chair to release journal editor. With an eye to science, he continues to be involved in netting programs, disease monitoring, and fisheries councils. Jim was the 2009 winner of the Paul Gasbarino Distinguished Service Award and is currently with the Gananoque chapter.

Steven Kerr, Ennismore, ON

Steven Kerr, Ennismore Steve is an avid muskie fisherman and long time fisheries biologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Throughout his career he has clearly demonstrated an infinity with the muskellunge. For over 25 years Steve has worked diligently to integrate muskie science into management. Recognizing the value of groups like Muskies Canada he has relied heavily on stakeholders to help develop management policies and regulations for muskie across the province. Most notably, Steve championed the current development of the muskellunge management policy in Ontario. He sourced $3,600 in government funding for the 50 "Know the Difference" signs. Steve formalized the Muskie’s Canada Angler Log Program, helped create release brochures and organized conferences and meetings. Steve is a great friend of Muskies Canada whose latest contribution includes his blog on MNR`s website listing all of the joint MNR/MC partnerships.

Muskies Canada would like to thank the Hall of Fame Selection Committee comprised of: Hedrik Wachelka (Chairman), Paul Gasbarino, Jim Kelly, Mike Swan and Denis Gravel for all their hard work. “Of the 18 very qualified and worthy candidates we had to choose from we could only pick six to be inducted,” said committee member Jim Kelly. The six we ultimately chose truly are deserving of becoming members in our esteemed hall of fame and on behalf of the entire organization I’d like to congratulate each one of them”, concluded Kelly.

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Press Release prepared by: Wil Wegman

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