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Wegman Swims With the Fishes And Completes 4 km Sun City Swim

Orillia Ontario: Within minutes after jumping into Lake Couchiching for his first ever long distance swim, Wil Wegman saw his first fish ... then another and another. “We were swimming overtop lush aquatic vegetation mixed with a few rocks here and there. A variety of species scurried out of our way ... it was so cool to see them in the clear water!” he said. Couchiching provides excellent habitat for warm water species like bass – and Wegman, who has been fishing bass tournaments on Cooch since the mid 1980’s still calls it one of his favorite lakes.  

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Wil with bass

Wil Wegman's Attempt To Swim Across Lake Couchiching!

For Immediate Release:  June 27th ,2013
Orillia Ontario:
 Although Wil Wegman of Bradford Ontario, might be more well known for catching fish than swimming with them ... it's exactly the latter that he will be doing on Saturday August 10th in the fish-filled waters of Lake Couchiching. 

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Fishing Line Recycle Depots

For Immediate Release: May 21st 2013
Lake Simcoe-Ontario:
The Aurora Bassmasters are pleased to announce that a total of eight “Fishing Line Recycle Depots” have now been installed around the Lake Simcoe watershed. These receptacles have been strategically placed at popular shore fishing areas for anglers to deposit used fishing line. Throughout the fishing season, volunteers with the bass club will monitor these units, empty and collect used line as required, then once each year, will send the used line to Berkley-Pure Fishing. From there, the line will be recycled and made into Berkley Fish-Habs ... habitat structures that enhance our public fisheries.

About The Line Recycle Depots: These units are approximately one metre long, made from white pvc piping and at the top have an elbow with a an opening slot to deposit used fishing line.  To remove the line, a cap at the bottom is unscrewed and the line drops out. The material to create these units was paid for by the Aurora Bassmasters however this is a partnership project that also involved the Ministry of Natural Resources, Aurora District. Stewardship Rangers ... 17 year old students working for MNR, assembled the fishing line recycle units in the summer of 2012.

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Lake Simcoe ... VHS Positive Zone Could Infect Other Lakes

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2012
The Aurora Bassmasters would like to remind all boaters and anglers who visit Lake Simcoe, to be absolutely certain they do not inadvertently transfer water from this lake to others in the province.

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Anglers urged to help get more people hooked on fishing during National Fishing Week

For Immediate Release: July 1st 2011
Fishing is an integral part Canada's heritage. Across the country we have the National Fishing Week program and in this province we have Ontario's Family Fishing Week. Both are a full nine days in 2011 - and it all starts tomorrow July 2nd and runs until July 10th.


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