2013 Aurora Bassmaster Club Tournaments - A Season in Review

A detailed look at each tournament Wil fished in an exciting Angler of the Year race that went right down to the wire until the final tournament of the season.

The Aurora Bassmasters pride themselves in “Being more than just another fishing club”, and have become well known for their conservation and research projects, their community involvement and their dedication to engage today’s youth on a path that includes the outdoors and fishing. However as a member of this club since it formed in 1995, I can tell you- that we definitely like to fish and love to compete in our club tournaments!


Wegman Swims With the Fishes And Completes 4 km Sun City Swim

Orillia Ontario: Within minutes after jumping into Lake Couchiching for his first ever long distance swim, Wil Wegman saw his first fish ... then another and another. “We were swimming overtop lush aquatic vegetation mixed with a few rocks here and there. A variety of species scurried out of our way ... it was so cool to see them in the clear water!” he said. Couchiching provides excellent habitat for warm water species like bass – and Wegman, who has been fishing bass tournaments on Cooch since the mid 1980’s still calls it one of his favorite lakes.  

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