Catching a Six Pound Deep Water Largemouth

Great Way To Start The Finest Month For Deepwater Largemouth

Saturday of the Labor Day Long wknd is usually far too busy for me on Lake Simcoe, but I hadn't fished largies on my home lake for almost a month so I needed my fix bad. I got an early start and watched the sun peer over the eastern horizon from my Simcoe County vantage point on the west side. I anxiously headed straight for my number one largemouth waypoint. Upon arrival, I tossed my marker and then threw my trusty Rapala Skitter Walk which has accounted for so many big bass on similar early morning excursions. Forty minutes later as the sun brightened and still no fish, I switched rods and picked up another old reliable, a fire tiger colored Rapala DT 16.  Cranking in about 15 feet, I finally landed a 2 pounder and a couple of shorts but before I knew it, another 40 minutes went by without a sniff.

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Wil Wegman

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