Bass Fishing 2015 - A Year in Review

Wil Wegman looks back on a season that saw him bass fish more than 50 days from start to finish. Along the way he took a few trips and won the Aurora Bassmasters Angler of the Year Award. In this year-end-look back, he divulges his top baits and the techniques while fun fishing and during his tournaments.

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Focus on Fishing’s Wil Wegman Receives Multiple Awards

December 9, 2015

Bradford Ontario: Wil Wegman, host of the website Focus on Fishing has won the occasional award over his lengthy career, but during the last couple of weeks he has was fortunate enough to receive half a dozen.  Here’s a quick look at those awards and what they’re about:

First place in the men’s recreational lane swimmers division of the Pulmonary Hypertension Research fundraising challenge at the Bradford Leisure Centre Pool. During the course of the week-long competition, Wil swam a kilometre each day for this great cause.

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