Lake Simcoe

Wil Wegman

September Lake Trout Fishing on Lake Simcoe

For the last several years I have taken much of September off as a fishing vacation, and as crazy and disruptive as 2020 has been, I was determined to normalize matters by keeping this annual tradition alive. Although I usually make a couple major trips up north, I still always end up doing a lot of fishing locally in Simcoe County and especially on my home lake for the past 35 years … Lake Simcoe. Of course, for those who have read my articles over the last 35 years, it comes as no surprise that I tend to focus on my favorite open water species – BASS!

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Lake Simcoe Whitefish Action – May 2010

Every year, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) stocks 140,000 whitefish into Lake Simcoe. Recently anglers have also been catching 'wild' whitefish- that reproduce naturally and are not stocked from the hatchery. For the most part the primary whitefish fishery occurs during the winter months when more people fish the lake then the other three seasons combined. However for a short window each spring an incredible opportunity has emerged that hundreds, possibly thousands of anglers are capitalizing on.