Short Ice Fishing Bio

Although Wil Wegman is a regular competitor on CSFL’s Bassmania Trail and former editor of BassMan Magazine he is also an accomplished ice angler. Wil was a member of Canada’s National Team  at the World Ice Fishing Championships in 1991.  He has taught ice fishing courses at Seneca College for 20 years and has given seminars on the subject across Ontario.

Wil has several top ten finishes in the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship and won the 2006 Perch Trap Attack on Lake Simcoe. Wil is a prolific freelance writer with many ice fishing articles published in such magazines as: Ontario out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, Big Jim’s Just Fishing, In Fisherman and he’s the fishing columnist for Lake Simcoe Living. Wil is sponsored by HT Enterprises – an ice fishing company with over 800 items, by Normark- Rapala and Lowrance Electronics.


Wil Wegman who focuses most of his winter whitefish efforts on heavily pressured and an ever changing Lake Simcoe remarks that “ With all the fishing related activity that we see on Lake Simcoe every year our fish have definitely become attuned to both their changing ecosystem and to all the fishing pressure.” He explained that the lake is clearer than ever because of the filtering effects of zebra mussels so this has made the fish more weary of poor presentations and even heavy line. “ I try to adapt … just like our resident fish have by downsizing my baits when things get tough. I’ve had great success for finicky whitefish for instance by using HT’s Size 10 Football Jigs inside of a white Berkley Micro Power tube. I downsize line too and opt for 6 and sometimes even 4 pound test to maximize the performance of the little jig, minimize the time it takes to get to bottom and reduce line visibility.” He works the bait near bottom with gentle twitches or the traditional jigging motion but allows for long rest periods in between. “That’s when these big stubborn whities that are cruising along bottom are most apt to inhale your jig … so be ready!” he says.