Family Ice Fishing - A Beginners Guide

Regardless of the realms of Global Warming winters in Canada are here to stay! And, despite a global economic downturn that has not eluded residents of our great country - people here still love to have fun - summer or winter! Families in particular are often seeking an activity they can all enjoy together that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. “Something that will get the kids outdoors and away from those darned computer games!” Well look no further moms and dads - brothers and sisters we have the answer to your dilemma - ICE FISHING!

The great thing about ice fishing is that it can be as much fun for a five year old as it is for an 85 year old. “We have a group from New York that stays with us several times every winter to fish from out huts,” says Jerry Kucharchuk owner of Peninsula Resort and Pefferlaw Ice Huts on Lake Simcoe. One of the guys is 92 years old - and although he has a few health problems he can still out fish most guys half his age and has so much fun out there that his eyes just light up with anticipation every time we’re heading out to the huts. He’s just like a big kid out there and I swear it’s what keeps him so young at heart,” Kucharchuk said.

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