Tell us where Wil Wegman is in this picture and you could be the winner of some great prizes!

What Is the Where’s Wildo Contest?

Do you remember the popular series of children’s books “Where’s Waldo”? If you do, then this is basically a fishing-related spin off on that fun set of books; but instead of figuring out where Waldo is, participants will try to figure out where Wil Wegman is fishing.

How does the Where’s Wildo Contest Work? Participants will visit Wil’s Focus on Fishing site at and click on the “Where’s Wildo?” link. All those who guess the name of the waterbody and in some cases, the landmark or identifiable feature in the photo correctly, have an opportunity to win the  prize package. If multiple correct answers are provided one name will be drawn at random.

Who can participate in the Where’s Wildo contest? Family members are not eligible nor are employees or pro staff associated with sponsoring companies. As we roll out this contest, we will limit entries to within Ontario.

Where will Wildo travel? Wildo will travel far and wide to catch fish ... so you can expect him to fish a variety of locations. Most will be in his home province of Ontario ... but not always! These locations may have a backdrop that could be noticeable to some participants. If not, a series of clues will be provided to help you make an accurate guess.

Why have a Where’s Wildo contest? Cause it should be fun! Hopefully we can add a few educational messages about the location and maybe even the fishery there to help anglers catch more fish.

Disclaimer: Judging participants responses is at the discretion of the website host and administrator.

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