Aurora Trout

Quest for Ontario’s Rarest Trout – The Aurora Trout

September 21-25 2017- Somewhere south of Gogama Ontario in the wilds of beautiful Northern Ontario

About Aurora Trout:
Named after the aurora borealis because of their unique color patterns, the Aurora Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis timagamiensis) is a unique variant of the Brook Trout. It is a member of the Trout and Salmon family and looks similar to Brook Trout, yet adult fish lack the yellow marks throughout the dorsal region and exhibit few to no red spots along with those blue halos that brook trout are famous for. Adult’s average about 1 to 3 lbs, and the Ontario record is 6.44 lbs.

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A Short but Amazing Trip to BC with my son

Whale Watching, Hiking, Bug Watching, Suspended Bridge Walking, Fine Dining and More …

September 2017
Although my month long vacation off work was originally destined to focus on nearby fishing trips, I’ve never been one to turn down golden opportunities and when a trip to British Columbia was handed to me on a silver platter by my oldest son Tyler, I sure as shootin’ couldn’t let it slip away. Although Tyler and I could only spend four days in this beautiful province, we sure made the best of it … and I’m happy to share those little adventures with you all now.

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