A Short but Amazing Trip to BC with my son

Whale Watching, Hiking, Bug Watching, Suspended Bridge Walking, Fine Dining and More …

September 2017
Although my month long vacation off work was originally destined to focus on nearby fishing trips, I’ve never been one to turn down golden opportunities and when a trip to British Columbia was handed to me on a silver platter by my oldest son Tyler, I sure as shootin’ couldn’t let it slip away. Although Tyler and I could only spend four days in this beautiful province, we sure made the best of it … and I’m happy to share those little adventures with you all now.

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Wil’s Day On the Lake … It’s usually about the fish and the catchin … but not this time!


I'm the first one to say that in order for a day's fishing to be really worthwhile, a lot of fun and most memorable ... it really should involve catching. Yes ... I do believe that most of the time a great day hinges on the fish and the catchin’.

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