Hiking Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park

June 26, 2021

For several years now my two sons and I have enjoyed canoeing and fishing trips within the interior of this majestic Provincial Park located south of Sudbury Ontario within the rugged wilderness of the Canadian Shield. Our favorite destination in the 645 square kilometre park has been one of the very few lakes there that has a good population of big largemouth bass … with plenty of smallmouth thrown in for heart leaping variety. It takes us several hours and a portage to reach this special lake but like they say, getting there can be half the fun. En route we also make a point to stop and gaze with wanderlust at the majestic Silver Peak – the highest point in the park and easily recognized by the huge slabs of shiny silver quartz rocks that can be seen for miles around.

Last Updated on Friday, 24 September 2021 07:53
Wil Wegman

Another Fishing Trip To Algoma Country In Northern Ontario

In 2019 I made both a spring and fall bass fishing trip to Algoma Country; that beautiful region of northern Ontario around Sault Ste Marie and west to the Spanish River and northern shores of Lake Huron. To say I fell in love with the area and the fishing would be an understatement and the magnetic pull for a return trip early this spring was anxiously looked forward to all winter. That is until this danged pandemic hit and ruined our plans as well as all those who love this part of the province.  Fortunately by mid-September 2020, with all COVID 19 precautions in place, my youngest son Izaak and I were invited to try out Melwel Lodge just west of Blind River, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Last Updated on Monday, 25 January 2021 13:26

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