Crappie in the Summer

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Monday, 12 June 2017
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I see them in Keswick and in the Holland after ice out but where can you get crappie in the Summer?


Those crappie are a really tough nut to crack Kyle! They come in where you say and many other inland cuts- like marinas and channels around the lake right after ice out to feed... but then disperse back out to the main lake.  Some think that first nearshore movement is to spawn- but that’s not the case … they do that afterwards – so a 2nd movement to the shallows in order to spawn occurs as those waters warm up to the high 50’s-low 60’s F. They’ll not necessarily revisit just those first movement areas but seek out the best spawning habitat – which also includes newly emerging pencil weeds and other aquatic plant growth.

Now- after the spawn- they’ll move back out to deeper water and seeing as how Lake Simcoe is so huge and much like a bowl – void of classic structure like you’d see elsewhere the crappie just roam out there and are more of an incidental catch cause they’re a here today gone tomorrow type of deal.  If you can find, the odd deepwater structure out there than these can hold them longer … so give that a try Kyle but know it’s a tough battle to find crappie consistently during summer and fall in our big lake.

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