Good spots to catch smallies and pike

Collin S.
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Wednesday, 10 November 2010
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Hey Wil,

I fished with you 3 years ago with Barrie Junior Bassmasters on Bass Lake.

I am heading out on Lake Simcoe this weekend and I was wondering if you know a couple of good spots to catch some smallies and even some pike in the fall? I don't really know the lake so well so any tip would be a great starting point.

Tight lines,

Collin S.


Hi Collin,

Hey I hope you’re doing well buddy and that you still have the bass fishing bug.  It sounds like you do – so I’m glad to hear that.  Listen ... I’d prefer not to post this response on my website for all to see ... I just want you to read this one.  Why not try in downtown Barrie- I am hoping you have a boat ... cause if you do, you’ll see where all the bass guys fish. This will be 20-35 feet of water.  It’s generally infront of Hooters and from there south along that shore.  Try drop shot – heavy weights in ½ oz.  Slammers are doing well right now and so is Berkley Gulp! Alive and the minnow baits by Trigger X.  Dragging a 3/8 oz tube – in green works.   Casting a ball jig and smoke grub is producing.  A heavy football head and a Huala grub is also working real well.  Let lots of line out Collin so you maintain bottom contact ... you have to feel your bait dragging bottom or you won’t get bit.  Lots of big smallies being caught there ... careful not to tangle lines with others doing same thing.

 For pike – Cooks Bay is your best bet ... but I would stick with the big smallies if I were you.

 Hope that helps

Wil Wegman

"Focus On Fishing"


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