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Saturday, 25 September 2010
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Hi Wil,

I Google for fishing in Ontario, that how I found your website You were writing about the fishing at Lake Simcoe I found your acticle very interesting and helpful for someone newbie to the location but nothing mention about launch location. After reading your article and I have learnt a lot of tips and tricks, after email you and I found one guy posted the launch location at Balsam Lake. This year I found that I used the jig and got 4 pike, 5 large mouth Bass, lots of perche and crappie. You know I used Rapala lure for five years and somehow this year Bass are getting smarters and I got only one bass with it and the rest I got with jig lures with green and white tubes.



Hey Tom, There really isn't such a map available that I know of - wish there was. Check Town of Georgina website - they have a good one for their side of the lake. Otherwise- check each municipality ... they're responsible for most public launches. The Ont Marina Operators Association would list where member - marinas are and if they have launches for public use ... but not all marinas choose to belong to this organization. There might also be some info on launches at the site.

Sorry the answer isn’t really what you’re looking for ... it can be quite a challenge to find all these launches if you’re not familiar with the area.



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