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Tony Fiorentino
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Sunday, 31 October 2010
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Hello Wil,

I'm venturing out to Lake Simcoe on Sunday and heading out to the Beaverton Harbour area. Thinking of either launhing the boat at the harbour and fishing the inlet of the channel or shore fishing in the channel. What is my best bet for this time of year in terms of spiecies and tackle, technique and location. I know I'm asking for a lot - just looking for some info to make a cold day enjoyable.


I’m just seeing this for the first time on Sunday Oct 31 – so hopefully you mean next Sunday.  You can fish from the Harbor Mouth in Beaverton and catch the odd bass and likely a few perch from shore.  With a decent boat (one large and safe enough to handle the weather and not get you wet at this time of year) you can get out for some better perch and bass fishing off shore ... near Thorah Island straight out from Beaverton or further south towards Georgina Island and Duclos Pt.  Perch will be moving shallower – so ‘pickerel’-type rigs, small jigs or even drop shot works well.  Smallies will be deeper- so tube jigs dragged on bottom , jigging spoons and drop shot can all work well.

Hope that helps,



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