Using sonar thru the ice

Wil Wegman
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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With the incredible advancements in sonar thru the ice, does it have an effect on the success rate on anglers that a few years ago may not have caught as many? Are there any concerns about the long term effects on harvest rates and fisheries management thru advancements in tech?

Gord Trask


Hi Gord,
Great questions!  So, I would be lying if I told you that I don’t believe the use of all the amazing new electronics doesn’t can help me catch more fish. However … for me it makes the sport so much more enjoyable and educational and that is their true advantage.  Bottom line is still that even though these units can clearly help tell you when there’s fish below your hole …  even the best units don’t make them bite.  I can’t recall how many days I’ve had on the ice where I’m marking all kinds of fish … but next to none would cooperate! So, with that, of course there are always concerns when new technology or new advancements of any kind have the ability to increase harvest.  With these advancements however comes a greater responsibilty that anglers have to place upon themselves to conserve the resource thru catch and release and wise selective harvest principles.  With or without electronics we need to realize that catch limits are the absolute maximum the resource can withstand and that harvesting those limits should not be a measure of success!            
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