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Sunday, 13 May 2012
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Where on Couch is good bass fishing excluding the lime shoals?

Norm Smith


Hi Norm ... thanks for your question. The answer to this is a big fat huge "It Depends". The lake is big and very diverse with all kinds of different habitat for both largemouth and smallmouth. Both of these bass will occupy different areas of the lake at different times of the bass season. The famed Limestones at the far end were at one time the one true hotspot known by hundreds if not thousands of anglers - and especially productive in the fall period - after September- not so much before. Over time though ... this has only become just one of many decent sports in the fall and there are some who say the Limestones have been fished by so many catch and harvest anglers that the bass fishing there is nothing like it was at one time ... I tend to agree.

So ... learning the bass' habits and habitat is on a seasonal basis is key to success in Cooch just like so many other lakes. You didn't specify whether you are after largemouth or smallmouth? Think shallow and hard bottom for smallies and shallow and soft bottom for largies early in the bass season. This can last till mid summer. Then bass move out so go a little deeper ... but don't ignore shoreline structure- docks, fallen trees and any other objects that can hold fish. By summer's end largemouth can be had along deep weedlines but smallies still love those big rock/weed transitions. This plays right thru to the fall period for smallies - and they can be had in water 5-12 feet deep wherever there is weed and rock. It would obviously not be a good conservation move to ever reveal specific areas of the lake (on the web for the whole world to see) as being good for bass or any other species Norm ... so although I didn't reveal any hot spots ... I hope this helps and that come 4th Saturday in June and thru to Nov 30th you have a terrific bass season on this great bass lake.